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27/05/2020 – wednesday

28/05/2020 – thursday

29/05/2020 – friday

30/05/2020 – saturday


8h30 – Registration

9h-10h – Opening Ceremony

9h-11h – Visits to Healthcare Institutions


9h30 – Registration

8h30 – Registration


9h-10h30 – Concurrent Sessions

09h – Workshop 4:
“Writing for publication”
Facilitator: Leslie Gelling

10h-10h35 – Keynote:

Influencing Global Health: Reflections on the past and plans for the future”

Richard Ricciardi, PhD, RN. President-Elect Sigma

10h-11h – Sigma European Region Meeting

10h30 – Refreshments

10h35 - Refreshments

11h – Refreshments

11h-12h15 – Concurrent Sessions

11h-11h35 – Keynote: “IMPLEMENTING TO INCREASE IMPACT: using implementation science to promote evidence-informed practices in nursing”

Theo van Achterberg, PhD, RN, Academic Centre for Nursing and Midwifery, Leuven University, Belgium. Member of Global expert panel, Sigma GAPFON

11h25-12h00 – Keynote:

“From Florence to the Future: Nursing innovation shaping global health”

Kenneth Dion, PhD, RN. Assistant Dean for Business Innovation and Strategic Relationships at the John Hopkins School of Nursing

12h25-13h –


"Policy trajectories and innovation: Breaking with the past to set a new direction for the future"

Anne Marie Rafferty, PhD, RN, President of the Royal College of Nursing in the UK.

11h40-12h30 – Workshop 1 Virtual Patients in Nursing Education - a tour with Body Interact

Body Interact™

12h10-12h45 – Keynote:

“Nursing Innovation: Necessity or opportunity?

Pedro Parreira, PhD, RN, Executive coordinator of TecCare -Experimental and Applied Research in Healthcare Technologies, Health Sciences Research Unit: Nursing, Portugal

13h – Closing remarks & Awards for best ViPER poster and oral presentation


13h10 Announcement of the 6th Sigma Biennial European Conference


12h30-13h30 – Lunch

13h-14h – Lunch


14h – Registration


14h-15h – Sigma European Region Meeting - Committee Meeting for Sigma members only


14h-15h – Visits to the ESEnfC laboratories and Clinical Practice Simulation Center

13h30-17h00 – Concurrent Sessions


14h30 – Cultural visits


15h –  Workshop 2:
“Evidence Based Practice”

João Apóstolo PhD, Aggregation in Nursing Degree, RN (Nursing School of Coimbra, Portugal)
Vinciya Pandian PhD, MBA, MSN, RN, ACNP-BC, FAAN, FAANP (John Hopkins University,  School of Nursing, USA)

14h-15h30 – Concurrent Sessions

14h – Workshop 3:
"Patient safety: 20 years of watershed"
Facilitator: Sofia Macedo

14h30 – Cultural visits



15-17h – World Café:

“Challenges on Nursing Education and Clinical Practice

Café Host: Ananda Fernandes

17h – Refreshments

15h30 – Refreshments

17h10-18h – Phi Xi Chapter

Induction Ceremony

17h25-18h00 – Keynote: Nurses in Europe: Vital resource for universal health coverage”

Ananda Fernandes, PhD, RN, Director of the Collaborative Centre of WHO for Portugal.

16h-17h10 – Concurrent Sessions & presentation by the awards winners



Reception & Welcome Cocktail


European Recognition Awards

“Sigma’s contribution to global nursing”

Elizabeth A. Madigan, PhD, RN, Chief Executive Officer Sigma


19h30 – Cocktail – Sigma Awards


Cultural celebration - Dance




20h – Official dinner



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