European Regional Taskforce Awards & Recognition

European Award for Nursing Excellence
Sigma's European Awards for Nursing Excellence are based on the society's dedication to fostering high professional nursing standards, recognizing excellent achievement, emerging leadership, and inspiring creative work. Awards are conferred to nurses each biennium for their contributions in the fields of education, research and nursing practice.

Presentation will be at the European Regional STTI conference 2020 in Portugal. Also a time slot available to present.
Complimentary Registration full conference, 400 euro’s Sponsorship from the European Development Fund will be awarded to the successful recipient for travel costs.

European Award for Excellence in Education Award

The Excellence in Education Award recognizes extraordinary excellence in education.

All Sigma members in Europe are eligible to be nominated for this award. Active European members and European chapters of Sigma are entitled to submit a nomination.
Nomination Timeline 1st June till 1st December Corresponding email:


Nomination should show evidence of meeting a majority of the following criteria:
1. Demonstrates excellence in teaching
2. Creates and/or uses innovative teaching/learning methods
3. Advances nursing education through clarifying, refining, and/or expanding the knowledge base of nursing .
4. Influences scholarly development in nursing education, practice, and/or research through effective teaching.

Submission Requirements
A complete nomination consists of:
• Supporting narrative, including examples of the above criteria (500 to 800 words maximum)
• A letter of support from the regional chapter supporting nomination
• Nominee’s short curriculum vitae describing work, education, and biography (1 to 2 pages)
• Letter of Acceptance – Statement from one team member agreeing to attend Sigma’s Biennial European Conference if selected

Members of the European Regional Taskforce Awards & Recognition
Nina Ekman, Sofia Macedo, Cristina Martins, Margo van Mol, Mirko Prosen, & interim Chair Marie-Louise Luiking.


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